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Free Unban Method FiveM - DLL

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TUTORIAL UNBAN FIVEM no VM, no spoof and FREE 😎 
Before you start, it is very IMPORTANT to follow all the steps in this tutorial, otherwise you will still be banned.

Step 1: Unlink Microsoft from your PC
Go to "Change account settings":

Next, you need to switch to a local account:

If you are already in local account then skip this step.
Then go to E-mail and Accounts, and delete all your Microsoft accounts:

If you do not see the deleted button, then you must do this:
After following this tutorial, you will be able to see the deleted button, now delete all your accounts and move to the next step.

Step 2: Revo Uninstaller
You will need to download a software to remove some applications thoroughly.

After installing "Revo Uninstaller" open it and go to the "Windows Apps" option:

Search and delete:
- Xbox console companion
- Xbox Game bar
- Xbox Game Bar
- Xbox Game Speech Window
- Xbox Identity Provider
- Xbox Live


Step 3: Unlink Discord from FiveM

Remove FiveM from Discord, you should not link it if you are banned with your linked discord account
(you can link it with a new discord account or not link a discord account, but if you do that
account, but if you do that, you should NEVER allow FiveM to link to
allow FiveM to link to your discord, you will get this message when you launch
you will get this message when you start FiveM, you should always ignore the message):
Discord Settings -> Allowed Applications -> Find Client
FiveM client and click Remove authorization

Step 4: Steam
Make sure to log out of your steam account which is also FiveM banned, then create a new steam account and log in

Step 5: Change your rockstar account
Before doing this step, make sure you have a new rockstar account that you have never used before. (ROCKSTAR ACCOUNT: )

Delete your rockstar account: press Windows key + R, a window will open and type: appdata

then go to the folder: Local and delete the folder: DigitalEntitlements .

Open steam with your new account, launch FiveM and connect to your new rockstar account (don't join any server before finishing the tutorial)

Step 6: Install ProcessHacker

Download FuckFiveM.dll:

Download ProcessHacker:
Then open the setup and install it, after the installation is complete open ProcessHacker and search for the FiveM process as shown in the picture:

Right click on the fivem process and follow the image:


Then look for the dll you downloaded and select it and inject it, after injecting it go to fivem and click on your "F8" key an executor will open click on all the buttons of the executor then close it by clicking on the X then join a server and normally if you have followed all the steps you will be unban!

You don't need to do this method every time, only if you take another ban.
If you are still banned the only possible reasons are
1. You forgot a step in the tutorial.
2. Your Steam/GTA/Discord/FiveM account is already banned fivem so start the tutorial again and be sure not to use accounts already banned.

! zlRedman#6666

Topic starter Posted : 29/10/2022 4:17 am
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thanks for the information, its helpful

Posted : 17/11/2022 2:00 pm

jarrive pas a ouvrir le fichier de fuckfiveM

Posted : 10/01/2023 1:40 am
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@lokodu91 tu doit avoir fivem d'ouvert avant d'injecter le dll

! zlRedman#6666

Topic starter Posted : 02/02/2023 3:58 am
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