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FiveM Unban method with (Easy and Fast)

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Unban method with (virtual machine)



This method is free?

This method is not free but it is the easiest at the moment, if you have a PC with a small configuration it can give you a better PC!
You will also need to buy a new rockstar account that has never been used/banned.

What is

Shadow is the first full-featured Windows 10 PC hosted in the cloud. It's the only virtual computer that can rival the performance of a local PC. Plus, with our automated component upgrades, you'll never have to buy a physical machine again.

Can I play on my favorite servers with my character?

No, you will have to change your steam/rockstar/xbox/discord account

Why am I always banned from certain servers?

Yes it is possible if the server has banned your IP, so use a VPN.

Does it work for all types of ban?

Yes it works for the 255 Days & 14 Days ban and server ban

My microphone doesn't work, what do I do?

Step 1: Install VBCable on your server and reboot
Step 2: Install Discord on your host server, and create a secondary account (must be different from your usual Discord as you need to make a voice call to yourself)
Step 3: On your host server, right click on the sound icon and click “Recording devices”
Step 4. Select CABLE Output and click Properties
Step 5. Select “Use this device” and click Apply, then OK
Step 6. Access properties for CABLE Output again, and switch to Listen tab and make sure “Listen to this device” is UNSELECTED
Step 7. Set CABLE Output to be the default recording device
Step 8. Open Discord on your server (logged in as your secondary account) and set these audio settings - the idea here is you want the output settings in your secondary account on host machine be silent (by reducing input volume to 0), as if you do not do this, you will get an echo when calling yourself.
Step 9. You should now be able to make a call Discord call between your client machine and your Parsec host server. Please note that you will not be able to use Discord’s push to talk functionality on the client and will need to leave your client Discord set to “voice activity” (eg always on). If you do want to use some kind of push to talk functionality on the Parsec host when gaming online, you will need to rely on your PC games push to talk functionality.



Unban Method:


First step you need to get a shadow here:

I know that it is possible to buy a shadow for less but I did not inquire sorry

Then follow the instructions given by shadow to connect to the virtual machine or watch a tutorial on youtube, then when you are connected and ready you will have to download Gta, FiveM and all other stuff with new accounts DO NOT CONNECT WITH YOUR OLD ACCOUNTS (STEAM/ROCKSTAR/DISCORD/XBOX/CFX).

After installing fivem gta and all other stuff, run fivem and you will be unban (To unban yourself from all servers, you will need to change your IP address/use vpn.)

If you get banned again you can unban again by resetting the machine and with new steam/rockstar account and all other stuff.


if you have any questions send a message below or join discord

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Hello friend ,I used shadows and I got banned again, I reset the machine (shadows) change account (discord, rockstar ect) and I'm still banned? I did as you said, can you help me please

Posted : 20/09/2022 4:50 pm
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@dedikone try to contact shadow and ask them for a new machine for personal reasons

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