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[Nexus Menu] New Update - 17/04/2022


[+] = Added

[/] = Repaired

[-] = Removed


Changelog : 

[+] Added showing player info even if not selected
[+] Added back player info in mouse ui
[+] Added Advanced Handling to remote car
[+] Added Sticky car to remote car
[+] Added Fix Vehicle to remote car
[+] Added Flip Vehicle to remote car
[+] Added Glitch Player (Online, Destroyer)
[+] Added Silent Kill option (Online, Destroyer)
[+] Added Damage Modifier (rarely detectable ;))
[+] Added Random outfit when spawning ped in freecam
[+] Added Print Triggers check (Lua tab)
[+] Added remote ped Invisible checkbox
[+] Added remote ped Invincible checkbox
[+] Added Duplicate entity in freecam
[+] Added Silent Kill checkbox (for aimbot)
[/] Fixed detection of "Nigga Mid Finger" on chocohax
[/] Fixed Skeleton and Lines being visible
[/] Fixed spawning addon cars
[/] Fixed sliders bug after loading config
[/] Fixed showing "UNKNOWN" entity in freecam
[/] Fixed Shoot trough walls in aimbot
[/] Fixed aimbot in car
[/] Fixed Line ESP while in freecam
[/] Fixed ragebot (Keybind, Shooting)
[/] Improved info esp
[/] Improved Copy Vehicle
[/] Changed some things in listbox

Topic starter Posted : 17/04/2022 1:23 am
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