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[Nexus Menu] New Update - 16/06/2022

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[+] = Added

[/] = Repaired

[-] = Removed

Changelog : 

[+] New Mouse UI
[+] Added (actually working, not like in other menus) silent explode
[+] Added (actually working, not like in other menus) silent kill

[/] Recoded notifications (they`re not bugging anymore)
[/] Recoded framework (to increase fps, etc)
[/] Recoded Info ESP
[/] Recoded Global Chat
[/] Recoded Cloud Configs (API and code in menu) to improve smooth of loading and saving them

[/] Optimised esp (just a bit)
[/] Fixed Damage Indicator
[/] Fixed ragebot
[/] Fixed detection of "Explode world" (yeah, undetected explode)
[/] Fixed Freeze player
[/] Fixed cage player
[/] Fixed listbox
[/] Removed "Lua editor" from menu (due to being useless)
[/] Fixed issue with lagging game every 1 minute


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