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[Nexus Menu] New Update - 12/11/2022


[Nexus Menu] New Update - 12/11/2022


Changelog : 

[+] Added block resource to the exploits tabs
[+] Added unblock resource to the exploits tabs
^ Keep it mind that this does not work like a resource stopper, it just blocks all the events coming from that resource
[+] Added Block screenshots to the exploits tab (fully disable screenshot tools / nexus is always invisible for them anyway)

[+] Added bypass anticheat (bypass for some anticheats)
[+] Added fov check to the ragebot
[+] Added visible check to the ragebot
[+] Added Silent Taze (no logs)

[#] Fixed Silent kill (it actually does work now)
[#] Fixed mouseui crashes
[#] Fixed ragebot
[#] Fixed friend check in aimbot
[#] Fixed online functions being executed a couple of times after pressing "select everyone"
[#] Optimised dynamic esp
[#] Improved dynamic esp
[#] Combos are now saving in the configs

! zlRedman#6666

Topic starter Posted : 13/11/2022 1:39 pm
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