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[Absolute Menu] New update - 01/29/2022


[A] = Added

[F] = Fixed

[C] = Changed


Changelog :

[A] Fake Death

[A] Restore stamina once

[A] New invisibility method

[A] Disable Drowning

[A] Shrink yourself

[A] Custom model changer input

[A] full custom explosive ammo

[A] a little dark background has been added when asking for a keybind

[A] added heal in cover

[A] health and armor hud

[A] mega jump

[A] slide run

[A] clear visual damage

[A] tp to player without vehicle

[A] tp to player with vehicle

[A] tp into player's vehicle

[A] tp player's vehicle to me (try)

[A] premade outfits added (Credits to Nertigel for the outfit ids)

[F] fixed issues with Lester's triggers

[C] changed key for keybinding to F10

[C] rage vehicles has been improved

[C] changed default wallhack colors

[C] some features were moved to separated submenus (Baldies attack, etc)

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